Meet Sissy

  • 3 axis CNC router.
  • Dimensions: 60”x100” cutting area with a 6” Z axis travel.
  • Automatic Tool Changer: A tool changer allows us to quickly change between different bits saving time and increasing machine height accuracy.
  • Vacuum Table: The vacuum table allows us to hold down material without the need of screws or tape. It also is a big help when trying to cut precise depths.
  • Spindle: 10hp ATC spindle.

Meet Dotty

  • 4 axis CNC router.
  • Dimensions: 60”x100” cutting area with 8.5” of Z axis travel and a 32” 4th axis lathe.
  • 4th Axis: With our 4th axis machine we are capable of cutting objects in the round. It is like a typical wood working lathe, but with the CNC you are able to rotate your material at precise degrees and carve out complex shapes that you couldn’t do on a typical lathe.
  • Spindle: 3hp liquid cooled spindle.

80 watt laser CNC

Our brand new laser CNC machine allows us to laser cut and etch on almost any material. We have etched on wood, glass, stone, and aluminum. We can also cut plastic with this laser.